We need Fosters!

Wonder Weims Rescue needs your help. We are in desperate need of foster homes for Weimaraners.The rescue will pay for all the dog food, treats, medical expenses and provide you with a crate. You provide the TLC and lots of hugs. It's easy fill out a volunteer application right here on our website!



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Is your dog at a healthy weight?

    Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the most important concerns when it comes to your dog’s health. Factors like diet and exercise in the right amounts can help keep your dog at an ideal weight.

    Here are 3 simple ways to tell if your dog's diet needs an adjustment. Rib Check Place both of your thumbs on your dog's backbone and spread both hands across his rib cage. You want to be able to feel his ribs. Actually feeling your dog is important, as the coat of many dogs will make a visual check difficult. Profile Check Examine your dog's profile – it’s best if you are level with your dog. Look for the abdomen to be tucked up behind his rib cage - this is ideal. Overhead Check Looking at your dog from overhead, identify whether you can see a waist behind his ribs. Most dogs at a healthy weight should have an hourglass figure. 


shadowI've been waiting for a forever home! Shadow is a gorgeous 7-year-old weim/lab mix. Housebroken and does not need to be crated. She has EXCELLENT house manners. Great on a leash and LOVES to ride in the car. She gets along with dogs, cats and kids. See more about Shadow on our Available Dogs page.





monthly-supporterMONTHLY SUPPORTER Donations are deducted monthly from your PayPal account and sent directly to Wonder Weims to pay for vet bills.

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IN MEMORY OF... Donation page to post a photo and story of your lost loved one. After donation is made, email a photo and story to apillman@gmail.com. 


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